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Marcher’s meet Iain Duncan Smith

6 marchers went to meet Iain Duncan Smith the Work & Pensions minister in Chingford. We were forced to meet outside to fit into his busy schedule which wasn’t ideal to say the least. Marcher’s gave their expirences of the work programme, graduate unemployment and long term youth unemployment and challenged the minister on changes to pensions and how that will effect future generations.

Full report to follow.


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Jarrow March Fundraiser

On Thursday 3rd November Battersea and Wandsworth Trades Council kindly hosted a fundraiser for the Jarrow Marchers. James Kerr, Youth Fight for Jobs London, organised the night alongside the Trades Council that took place in the Bread & Roses pub. A whole host of acts performed including Simon Munnery, Ken Loach, Joe Wells, Tiernan Douieb, Young Deacon, Grace Petrie (ARTour), Ewan Mclennan (BBC Radio 2 Horizon Award 2010), Ian Saville (socialist magician). Also, special mention for Steph who marched the full 330miles and turned 21 on the day of the gig!Pictures Below!

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Thousands mark end of Jarrow March

On Saturday 3,000 joined the Jarrow marchers in London to celebrate the end of the 330 mile march. There was overwhelming support from the crowd who had travelled from all over the country. Coaches of workers, students, pensioners and unemployed people arrived at Embankment. We were even joined by 106 year old Hetty Bower who had welcomed the original marchers when they arrived in London 75 years ago. Hundreds clapped and cheered the lively demonstration into Trafalgar Sq. Trade unionists, campaigners and marchers supported the marchers from the platform of the rallies.

The Jarrow marchers would like to thank everyone who has helped make the march a success and supported the march in anyway. The march is over but the fightback against the Con-Dems and their cuts has only just begun. We hope to see you all at the Youth Fight for Jobs meetings around the country over the next few weeks and on the picket lines and demonstrations to support the strikes on 30 November.

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Jarrow Marchers Arrive in London!

After over 300 miles the Jarrow Marchers arrive in London!


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Jarrow end demonstration Saturday 5 November, 12 noon

The Jarrow marchers have been marching for 5 weeks against youth unemployment.

We want the government to

  • Create jobs
  • Bring back EMA & scrap uni fees
  • Save youth services
  • Scrap workfare
  • Build affordable housing
Welcome the marchers to London at the end of their 330 mile journey

Join the demonstration this Saturday!

Saturday 5 November, 12 noon @ Embankment, marching toTrafalgar Square

Speakers will include:

Matt Wrack FBU General Secretary
Bob Crow RMT General Secretary
Chris Baugh, PCS Assistant General Secretary

Paul Murphy MEP Socialist Party Ireland
Lizi Gray Great-grandaughter of 1936 marcher
Stephen Hepburn MP for Jarrow
US Occupy Wall Street Activist
Jarrow marchers
Day-Mer Youth
Socialist Party
Young Deacon performing his rap about the riots called ‘Failed by the System’
Ed Marsh NUS
London Slutwalk Activist
Maddy Carty performing her track ‘CONDEMn AGE’
Dennis Skinner MP for Bolsover
+ More!

Transport to the demonstration is available from every region. See for up to date details.

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Marcher’s Diary – Day 25

Coventry to Rugby

On our journey to Coventry we passed; two closed down Peugeot factories, a closed Marconi site and a closed GEC building. This is a huge amount of jobs lost to a small area, jobs which are badly needed. We also passed a local Tory council; chanting and singing “if you hate the torys” we definitely made our presence known. we had lunch at the Sheath and Sickle pub where we had a brilliant reception and there were journalists there to meet us. When we got Rugby we had a rally in the town centre hosted by the local anti cuts group, Rugby Against the Cuts. The speakers were fantastic; Martin Powell Davies – NUT, Peter – TUSC, Roy – Green Party, Lenny Shail – Socialist Party and Matt Whale and Alex Moore from the march. We then walked down to the Griffin pub where tea had been put on for us by the RMT. After discussion and drinks we went back to supporters houses to sleep. Thanks to Lorna for putting me up, had some great conversation. Also thanks to her son, Paul and her neices and nephews who drew the marchers some pictures of the march. Everyone loved them =]

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‘Jarrow 2011’ Poem

Jarrow 2011

There was the Jarrow March, the March for Jobs

Now here we are again,

Out on the cobbles , walking the roads

Because of bankers and business men,

They wheel and deal, duck and dive

Gamble with what they didn’t earn,

We ask how can they do this again?

But it’s us that never learn.

We outnumber them one hundred to one

But still they have the whip hand,

We have clear evidence that capitalism fails

When will we make a stand?

Monetary constraints and fiscal austerity

We all know what that means,

A dole queue that stretches right round the town

And a dinner of toast and beans.

And that dole queue has always been

An acceptable price to pay,

If you’re a rich Tory on expenses

And don’t let sentiment get in your way,

And our so-called representatives

Do nothing but yadder yadder,

They can’t look away from the very next rung

As they climb the bosses ladder.


So lets make this current March count

And start making clamour and noise,

‘Cos we all know that Cameron

Only listens to the loudest voice

But this isn’t the Bullingdon Club,

Where the rich can play games with our lives

We have working families forced into crisis,

Real children, real husbands, real wives.


So let’s put a shout out for WORK

That’s what the working class need,

‘Cos we’re still eating the tainted food

Grown form Thatcher’s malignant seed,

Let’s take action for our fare share

From the city boys, bankers and snobs,


We’re screaming out loud for DECENT JOBS!


By Michael J Buchanan – Oct2011





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Marcher’s Diary Day 23-25 – Bristol Visit

Jarrow March for Jobs in Bristol

While most of the Jarrow Marchers recuperated in Coventry, 7 Jarrow Marchers (Ian Pattison from Leeds, Matt Dobson from Dundee, Sean Figg from London, George from Nottingham, and Lizi Gary, Ryan and Bobby Cranny from Newcastle) headed down to Bristol to meet supporters and mobilise interest for the national demonstration on November 5th in central London. We were greeted on the evening of Sunday 23rd October with a gig at the Grain Barge put on by the TSSA and Unite trade unions.

On Monday 24th October morning, Jarrow Marchers went out with Youth Fight for Jobs supporters from Bristol to leaflet commuters about the Jarrow March for Jobs. 50 people are occupying ‘College Green’ outside the council building in Bristol as part of the international anti-capitalist protests inspired by Occupy Wall Street in the USA, the Spanish indigandos and the Greek enraged, and the revolutions in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia. Youth Fight for Jobs and the Jarrow March has sent solidarity to the occupy movements around the world; Paul Callanan (Youth Fight for Jobs national organiser and Jarrow Marcher) spoke at Occupy London Stock Exchange on Saturday 22nd October, and there will be somebody from Occupy Wall Street speaking at the Jarrow March end demonstration on November 5th in London. The Jarrow Marchers were also invited to the Unite the Union South West Regional Committee, where victimised trade unionist Paddy Brennan from the Honda plant was also in attendance. Paddy was due to find out the result of his employment tribunal on Tuesday 25th October. Jarrow Marcher Matt Dobson addressed the Unite Regional Committee and showed the links between the issues that Unite members are facing in the recession and as the cuts start to bite, and the demands and programme that Youth Fight for Jobs and the Jarrow March is putting forward.

Matt said, “The Jarrow March is a good way to get young people and the trade union movement talking to each other, showing young people the importance of trade unions. We support the electricians’ protests by Unite members. These are young construction workers involved in the dispute. They’ve been apprentices who were promised that after their training they’d be part of the Joint Industry Board (JIB) agreement, which won’t be the case if it’s undermined.”

Matt also spoke to a Unite rep at the meeting from Rolls Royce, who said, “I’m worried the experience of trade union organisation won’t be passed on to young people, because they’ll be excluded from manufacturing jobs lost.”

In the South West, Unite the Union is putting on a coach from Bristol to the national demonstration on November 5th that leaves at 8:30am from Anchor Road. The coach is obviously free for Unite members and the unemployed, and just £5 for everyone else. For more details contact the South West Youth Fight for Jobs regional organiser, Tom Baldwin, on 07986951527 or

The Jarrow Marchers also visited CWU and FBU trade union members, receiving huge amounts of support and donations for the Jarrow March for Jobs.

Matt also addressed an National Union of Teachers (NUT) Young Members meeting, “Teachers were blamed for the riots for not educating young people properly, which isn’t the case at all. We fully support the pensions strikes and we will be encouraging school students to walkout and join the picket lines on November 30th.”

The Jarrow Marchers then went leafleting in Stokes Croft in Bristol for a Youth Fight for Jobs public meeting. Stokes Croft was the scene of rioting earlier in the year. At the heart of the causes of the riots have been the cuts to youth services, leaving whole communities of young people with no hope of a decent job, education, or future. As a result many no longer feel part of society. Youth Fight for Jobs calls says that in areas where rioting has taken place, those local councils should be demanding that the money that has been stolen by the Con-Dem government, should be immediately returned to reopen closed youth services, reinstate sacked staff, and reinstate EMA; to end the conditions that create rioting.

Youth Fight for Jobs put on a public meeting of 26 that evening with Jarrow Marchers Ian Pattison and Lizi Gray speaking, as well as Mark Dowson from Occupy Bristol. Mark said, “I want to see an end to this government, as quickly as possible. I’d like to see the people of Bristol unite and fight against the government, in defending our public services. Hopefully, we can radically transform the system. Personally speaking, I’m not interested in reform anymore, the whole system is rotten. It’s up to us to work together to bring about something that’s more representative of our need needs, hopes and aspirations. What that system will be, I’m unsure, that’s why we’re inviting people from Bristol to join us in our discussions, and hopefully formulate a plan of action that’ll bring that about.”

Mark also said, “I support the Jarrow March for Jobs, because I understand the struggles faced by young people, not only in the North East, but throughout the whole country. I believe the only way we can bring about the better future, we all deserve is through non-violent direct political action. I find the fact that young people have embraced the history of the Jarrow March is a real inspiration, and I back it 100%!”

Jarrow Marcher, Lizi Gray from Newcastle, who is the great-granddaughter of one of the original 1936 Jarrow Crusaders, spoke on both BBC Radio Newcastle and BBC Radio Bristol on Monday.

At the public meeting, Lizi said, “every city we’ve been through, the level of support has been amazing, and it really shows that nobody want a return to the 1930s, with cuts really starting to hit communities. The fact, 75 years on from the original march, we’re having to make the same journey to get our message across to the same system of government that is destroying this country’s livelihood and taking away all support for its people; I think the 200 marchers from 1936 would be appalled. Like many young people, I’m scared for my future and this generation is going to be the first who will be worse off than their parents. This system clearly isn’t working, and we can’t just take these cuts lying down.”


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New YFFJ Membership Cards Arrived!

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