UCU becomes sixth union to back jarrow march

At its recent conference, the University and College Union, representing academic staff in colleges and universities, overwhelmingly agreed to support the Jarrow march for jobs. They have now become the sixth national union to back the march, joining the FBU (firefighters trade union), RMT and TSSA (transport trade unions), PCS (Public and Commercial Services union) and Bectu (media and entertainment trade union).

We are very grateful to all of the trade unions that are supporting and donating towards the cost of the campaign. Financially it will help us organise what is a big undertaking. But it is also important that the trade unions are actively supporting the struggles of young people and the unemployed for a future. To demand a program of job creation, an end to education attacks and all other cuts, means taking on the entire governments program and this is only possible by uniting with the trade unions.

Employers will attempt to use mass unemployment to hold down wages and attack conditions in work. People desperate for a job could be used to undermine strike action and ultimately lead to worse conditions for all. Thats why Youth Fight for Jobs seeks to link all young people fighting against the cuts, and the wider anti-cuts movement. Thats why many of our members are already building for successful strike action on 30 June and are calling for support from all sections of the movement, from unemployed to student to worker. And thats also why we’re organising to recreate the Jarrow march, to say we won’t be a lost generation, and to fight for jobs and education!

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One response to “UCU becomes sixth union to back jarrow march

  1. anthony forsyth

    am backing use all the way as i done the 1986 march for same reasons

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