Merthyr march for jobs – August 6-8

Tory minister Iain Duncan-Smith blames the unemployed for being out work. Why don’t jobseekers in Merthyr Tydfil just get a bus to Cardiff? he asked last year.

But for every vacancy advertised in Cardiff, there are nine jobseekers living in the city, let alone those outside in places like Merthyr who are looking to commute. But Iain won’t let the facts get in the way of his ideological campaign to make ordinary working class people and the most vulnerable in society pay for the economic crisis.

Merthyr Tydfil has the fourth-highest level of youth unemployment in Britain. Youth Fight for Jobs Wales protested when IDS came to Cardiff, and this August we will demonstrate that the unemployed aren’t out of work because they’re lazy by marching the whole distance from Merthyr to Cardiff. In October of this year we’ll be recreating the Jarrow-to-London march on its 75th anniversary.

Contact us if you want to march alongside us to demand decent jobs and opportunities for young people, or if your trade union branch or organisation can donate to help us finance the campaign. Contact us via the facebook group –

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