Building the march in the East Midlands

Support has been growing in the East Midlands for the March for Jobs, especially amongst the trade unions. Many workers who are preparing to take strike action on 30th June support young people fighting for a future.

Becci Heagney, East Midlands Organiser

The Jarrow March is now supported by Leicester and District and Lincolnshire Trades Councils and by PCS regionally. Also, a number of local union branches of UCU and Unite and the Students‘ Union at University of Leicester. Youth Fight for Jobs members speaking at the union meetings have received a lot of encouragement and enthusiasm from workers shown in the donations we have received from branches. The march will be a united protest of workers and young people against this government.

We have also been planning events for when the march comes through the region. There will be a regional demonstration in Nottingham, with transport organised to the protest from elsewhere, and public meetings and rallies in other towns. In Leicester, a group of activists in ‘Reds Stage’ will be performing a production about Amos Sheriff, one of the leaders of the 1905 unemployed march from Leicester to London. The original Jarrow marchers were inspired by marches such as this as are many people today.

A number of organising meetings have been held to bring together young workers, unemployed people, students and trade unionists. At our recent meeting in Leicester, we were joined by the Regional Industrial Organiser and chair of the regional youth committee for UNITE. Both are hoping that their union can support the march regionally.

Youth Fight for Jobs members im the East Midlands will continue to build for the march against unemployment and other attacks on young people and will stand in solidarity with workers taking strike action on 30th June and afterwards to stop the Con-Dem’s cuts agenda.

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