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Press release on GCSE results

Today millions of school students round the country will be receiving GCSE results. Those hoping to go to college will be the first since the government scrapped EMA.

Youth Fight for Job and Education is organising the JarrowMarch (1 October – 5 November – as a rallying point for young people that find their rights and living standards under attack

Paul Callanan, Youth Fight for Jobs and Education, National Organiser said “what should be a joyous occasion, has for many students, been utterly ruined by this vicious government of Bullingdon boys. Many students whoshould now be looking ahead to a bright future will have found it has been snatched away by a government who have take away what was a lifeline intoeducation for the poorest students. This comes the week after the A-level results came out where 200,000 had a similar experience, finding that becauseof the rise in fees they would no be attending university. This all comes hoton the heels of the announcement of new unemployment stats. The figure show that unemployment amongst 18-24 stands at 20.2%. On top of this the cuts willmean that over 1 million more jobs will be blotted out of existence.

This was what led to the build up of anger that caused theriots two weeks ago. While we do not believe that rioting is a way forward we do recognise the reasons. We see the riots as a reflection of the alienation ofa whole generation of young people who have their futures snatched away by theConDem government. What is needed is a united movement of youth, students andworkers to stop the cuts and defeat the ConDemolition.

The Jarrow march for jobs will bring together young peoplewith trade unions and anti-cuts organisation. In each town and city passthrough we will holds demonstrations and rallies against the government’s attacks on our rights and living standards. We will be demanding decent jobs with decent, training schemes to get young people into work and free education.We will be taking to the streets to say that we won’t be a lost generation and we will fight for our futures”

Youth Fight for Jobs is a campaigning organisation launchedin response to the government trying to punish young people for the recessionin early 2009.

We have the backing of the PCS, UCU, RMT, CWU, UNITE, BECTU,FBU and TSSA trade unions.



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Solidarity on international youth day

Below is a statement from Helen Flanagan, Chair, PCS national young members committee about International Youth Day.

Today is international youth day, recognised and celebrated by the United Nations each year to highlight the situation facing young people
in a global economy and to engage them in becoming more actively involved in making positive contributions to their communities.

The aim of youth day is endorse consciousness among youth. The intention of the observance is to promote the world programme of action for
youth. Implementation of the programme of action requires the full enjoyment by young people of all human rights and fundamental freedoms.

It also requires that governments take effective action against violations of these rights and freedoms and promote non-discrimination, tolerance, respect for diversity, with full respect for various religious and ethical values, cultural backgrounds and philosophical convictions of their young people, equality of opportunity, solidarity, security and participation of all young women and men.

In the UK the situation facing the youth is becoming increasingly bleaker: youth unemployment remains at nearly one million, and available employment is often casual and very low paid. Higher education budgets are being slashed, leaving fewer university places, and those that exist have increased fees.

Many young people will be forced out of further education through the cuts to the educational maintenance allowance. For the first time post-great depression, young people face a worse future than their parents.

Disaffection among youth is therefore understandable. We often feel like we have no voice in society and feel alienated from the decisions and processes taking place that affect us so much.

Growing anger has broken out this week in the riots and destruction around the UK. It is sad and nonsensical for the youth to destroy their own communities but indicative that they no longer have aspirations for their future.

PCS in no way condones the actions taken during the UK riots, as many members of the public have lost their homes, workplaces, jobs and income as a result. The riots also represent a small minority of young people involved. We do however believe there should be an analysis of the underlying causes and contributory facts.

As young trade unionists we must engage with young people across society and aim to engage them in uniting against the issues over which we share concern and anger.

We cannot allow young people to be criminalised and demonised, and we must resist further future oppression when showing peaceful protest and opposition. International youth day should remind us that we all have a role to play in fighting for the future of youth. Organisations such as Youth Fight for Jobs through its Jarrow march aims to highlight and campaign on the issues facing young people. PCS young members are forming a ‘Youth against cuts’ campaign for our young workers’ week this year from 2 to 9 October.

PCS young members will work with young people in other unions, student organisations and across society to form an organised class
response against the cuts and injustice we are receiving.

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London burning: public meeting and protest for youth services in Tottenham

This has already been posted on the main YFfJ site but the importance of the developments require that we get this out as far and wide as possible.

Urgent press release for immediate use

16 August 7pm Londons burning: public meeting and protest for youth services in Tottenham

North London Community House, 22 Moorefield Road, N17 6PY

We demand youth services and jobs: 5.30PM Protest at
Haringey Youth Services

…(10 Bruce
Grove, Tottenham, London, N17 6RA)

7PM – Meeting at Day-Mer Community Centre

Youth Fight for Jobs and Turkish and Kurdish youth
organisation Day-Mer Youth, have called a public meeting in response to the
riots in the area.

As riots escalate in London and spread to other parts of
the country, Youth Fight for Jobs calls for the building of a mass democratic
and organised movement to fight for jobs, investment in youth facilities and
all public services including fire services, against all cuts, for decent
housing and against police harassment.

Paul Callanan, Youth Fight for Jobs, national organiser
says: “These events, sparked by the fatal police shooting of Mark Duggan, have
shown the anger that exists among young people across the country over
joblessness, lack of youth clubs and services, police harassment, education
cuts and a host of other issues.

“Over the past 30 years Tory and Labour governments alike
have closed youth centres leaving young working class people with nothing to
do. Young people feel they are not being listened to. Meanwhile the bankers and
the rich get away with millions in unpaid tax, MPs get away with their false
expenses claims and when we do get a job it’s on poverty pay.

“We do not however believe that rioting can solve these
problems. We call for the building of a mass democratic movement of all working
class and young people. It is such movements, involving and organised by
working class communities that have made serious achievements in the past. It
was such a campaign that saw millions refuse to pay the hated poll tax in the
early nineties that defeated that measure and saw off Thatcher.

“Youth Fight for Jobs seeks to bring together young people
with trade unionists and students. The enormous trade union demo on 26 March
showed the strength of the trade union movement and the strikes by teachers and
civil servants on 30 June showed that working class people, when organised and
united, can stand up to bullying politicians.

“We are demanding real jobs not slave labour, free
education and saying no to all public sector cuts. Actions like the Jarrow
march for jobs in October and future trade union action will play an important
part in building that movement.”

This week’s riots in London,
Birmingham, Liverpool
and elsewhere represent an expression of the huge anger that has been building
among young people for a long time. And no wonder. Almost one in five young
people are out of work, and this number is much higher in many of the areas
affected by disturbances. Young people face a barrage of attacks from the
Con-Dem government. The scrapping of EMA student payments and the huge
hike in tuition fees mean education is out of many young people’s reach. To add
to the tension, young people, particularly black youth and those from other
ethnic minorities routinely face discrimination and stop and search harassment
at the hands of the police.

Youth Fight for Jobs was launched in 2009 in response to rising levels of youth
unemployment. We now have the support of the PCS, RMT, UNITE, CWU, UCU, BECTU
and TSSA trade unions and are recreating the Jarrow March in October /


To find out more visit
or call 020 8558
7947 or email

Speakers available for interview and comment.

Link to leaflet PDF:

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Letter of Support from PCS DWP Young Members Committee

Below is the letter from the PCS DWP YMC:

The PCS DWP Young Members Committee fully supports the Jarrow to London march, organised by Youth Fight for Jobs (YFJ), in October and November 2011. Our committee represents thousands of young workers in DWP and CMEC who deliver vital public welfare services. We welcome the important role that Youth Fight for Jobs has played in organising unemployed youth, young workers and students in fighting for a decent future. Futhermore, we welcome the historic decision taken by YFJ to organise a march from Jarrow to London on the 75th anniversary of the first Jarrow march.

PCS young members in the DWP are very familiar with the effects that unemployment can have on individuals and communities. We deliver a
public welfare service aimed at getting people into work and lifting people out of poverty. Unfortunately, our efforts are hampered by office closures, job cuts, and an under-staffed service. As young trade unionists, we also recognise that unemployment undermines the ability of working people to organise through trade unions to improve our lot in life. Employers are quick to point out that if you’re unhappy, there’s plenty of people worse off out there who would be
willing to replace you. The fight against unemployment and for decent jobs is a key trade union issue.

PCSyoung members in the DWP are grateful for the support of YFJ in our campaigns for decent working conditions in call centres,
fighting cuts in jobs, pay, redundancy protection and pensions, and for mpermanent jobs for staff on fixed-term contracts. We believe that it is a
national scandal that there are nearly 1 million young people out of work at the present time, and commend Youth Fight for Jobs in organising to highlight
this shameful situation. We will do whatever we can to promote, publicise and support the Jarrow to London March for Jobs.

In solidarity,

PCSDWP Young Members Committee

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