Editor of the Socialist dedicates day 4 to young Tamils in Sri Lanka

Day 4: Young Tamils in Sri Lanka– Sri Lanka has boasted a fantastic education system in the past. Now, for Tamils in the north and east especially, there is only a hell-like existence. Thousands remain detained in secret camps. Thousands lost their lives in the brutal slaughter waged by the Sri Lankan government, which after the official end of the ‘war’, in reality a bloody massacre, in May 2009, continues its massive arms and military spending. As if the destruction of lives, homes, landscape and future was not already reaching the limits of brutality, even of the high standards set by the Rajapaksa butchers but there is more. Young people are being forced into the Free Trade Zones, established by the government, where trade union rights are trampled. Pension rights, hard won over years, are in the government’s crosshairs. I support Tamil Solidarity’s work. www.tamilsolidarity.org.uk and that of the United Socialist Party in Sri Lanka.

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