‘Jarrow 2011’ Poem

Jarrow 2011

There was the Jarrow March, the March for Jobs

Now here we are again,

Out on the cobbles , walking the roads

Because of bankers and business men,

They wheel and deal, duck and dive

Gamble with what they didn’t earn,

We ask how can they do this again?

But it’s us that never learn.

We outnumber them one hundred to one

But still they have the whip hand,

We have clear evidence that capitalism fails

When will we make a stand?

Monetary constraints and fiscal austerity

We all know what that means,

A dole queue that stretches right round the town

And a dinner of toast and beans.

And that dole queue has always been

An acceptable price to pay,

If you’re a rich Tory on expenses

And don’t let sentiment get in your way,

And our so-called representatives

Do nothing but yadder yadder,

They can’t look away from the very next rung

As they climb the bosses ladder.


So lets make this current March count

And start making clamour and noise,

‘Cos we all know that Cameron

Only listens to the loudest voice

But this isn’t the Bullingdon Club,

Where the rich can play games with our lives

We have working families forced into crisis,

Real children, real husbands, real wives.


So let’s put a shout out for WORK

That’s what the working class need,

‘Cos we’re still eating the tainted food

Grown form Thatcher’s malignant seed,

Let’s take action for our fare share

From the city boys, bankers and snobs,


We’re screaming out loud for DECENT JOBS!


By Michael J Buchanan – Oct2011





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One response to “‘Jarrow 2011’ Poem

  1. Walton Andrew

    Great poem – inspiring and full of anger.

    I have also written a poem called ‘Jarrow 2011’ http://andrewwalton.wordpress.com/2011/09/24/jarrow/

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