Jarrow end demonstration Saturday 5 November, 12 noon

The Jarrow marchers have been marching for 5 weeks against youth unemployment.

We want the government to

  • Create jobs
  • Bring back EMA & scrap uni fees
  • Save youth services
  • Scrap workfare
  • Build affordable housing
Welcome the marchers to London at the end of their 330 mile journey

Join the demonstration this Saturday!

Saturday 5 November, 12 noon @ Embankment, marching toTrafalgar Square

Speakers will include:

Matt Wrack FBU General Secretary
Bob Crow RMT General Secretary
Chris Baugh, PCS Assistant General Secretary

Paul Murphy MEP Socialist Party Ireland
Lizi Gray Great-grandaughter of 1936 marcher
Stephen Hepburn MP for Jarrow
US Occupy Wall Street Activist
Jarrow marchers
Day-Mer Youth
Socialist Party
Young Deacon performing his rap about the riots called ‘Failed by the System’
Ed Marsh NUS
London Slutwalk Activist
Maddy Carty performing her track ‘CONDEMn AGE’
Dennis Skinner MP for Bolsover
+ More!

Transport to the demonstration is available from every region. See www.jarrowmarch11.com/5-nov-march-details for up to date details.

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One response to “Jarrow end demonstration Saturday 5 November, 12 noon

  1. Paul Phillips

    Cannot wait!

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