Thousands mark end of Jarrow March

On Saturday 3,000 joined the Jarrow marchers in London to celebrate the end of the 330 mile march. There was overwhelming support from the crowd who had travelled from all over the country. Coaches of workers, students, pensioners and unemployed people arrived at Embankment. We were even joined by 106 year old Hetty Bower who had welcomed the original marchers when they arrived in London 75 years ago. Hundreds clapped and cheered the lively demonstration into Trafalgar Sq. Trade unionists, campaigners and marchers supported the marchers from the platform of the rallies.

The Jarrow marchers would like to thank everyone who has helped make the march a success and supported the march in anyway. The march is over but the fightback against the Con-Dems and their cuts has only just begun. We hope to see you all at the Youth Fight for Jobs meetings around the country over the next few weeks and on the picket lines and demonstrations to support the strikes on 30 November.

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One response to “Thousands mark end of Jarrow March

  1. Paul Hunt

    great report and pictures.
    was very proud to be there in coventry and at the final march in london – you guys are credit to yourselves, youth in this country and to the whole labour movement.
    there were trade union activists there in london from cov and warwickshire area from the following unions
    CWU (telecoms and postal)
    Cov TUC

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