Marcher’s meet Iain Duncan Smith

6 marchers went to meet Iain Duncan Smith the Work & Pensions minister in Chingford. We were forced to meet outside to fit into his busy schedule which wasn’t ideal to say the least. Marcher’s gave their expirences of the work programme, graduate unemployment and long term youth unemployment and challenged the minister on changes to pensions and how that will effect future generations.

Full report to follow.


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2 responses to “Marcher’s meet Iain Duncan Smith

  1. Andy

    The man is a ****, I’m sorry to say that he is my MP, and also he does not reply to letters that are sent to him. He’s a waste of space.

  2. GT Jones

    whats his problem? standing there with arms crossed? Yougn people speak to him about unemployment right when youth unemployment hits 1 million and he acts like they’ve walked over his plush carpet with shit on his boots.

    If he doesn’t want to address the uncomfortable truth about what this government has done to the economy especially in regards to youth unemployment he should resign his cabinet position immediately.

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