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Al Jazeera coverage

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Marcher’s meet Iain Duncan Smith

6 marchers went to meet Iain Duncan Smith the Work & Pensions minister in Chingford. We were forced to meet outside to fit into his busy schedule which wasn’t ideal to say the least. Marcher’s gave their expirences of the work programme, graduate unemployment and long term youth unemployment and challenged the minister on changes to pensions and how that will effect future generations.

Full report to follow.


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Jarrow March Fundraiser

On Thursday 3rd November Battersea and Wandsworth Trades Council kindly hosted a fundraiser for the Jarrow Marchers. James Kerr, Youth Fight for Jobs London, organised the night alongside the Trades Council that took place in the Bread & Roses pub. A whole host of acts performed including Simon Munnery, Ken Loach, Joe Wells, Tiernan Douieb, Young Deacon, Grace Petrie (ARTour), Ewan Mclennan (BBC Radio 2 Horizon Award 2010), Ian Saville (socialist magician). Also, special mention for Steph who marched the full 330miles and turned 21 on the day of the gig!Pictures Below!

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Thousands mark end of Jarrow March

On Saturday 3,000 joined the Jarrow marchers in London to celebrate the end of the 330 mile march. There was overwhelming support from the crowd who had travelled from all over the country. Coaches of workers, students, pensioners and unemployed people arrived at Embankment. We were even joined by 106 year old Hetty Bower who had welcomed the original marchers when they arrived in London 75 years ago. Hundreds clapped and cheered the lively demonstration into Trafalgar Sq. Trade unionists, campaigners and marchers supported the marchers from the platform of the rallies.

The Jarrow marchers would like to thank everyone who has helped make the march a success and supported the march in anyway. The march is over but the fightback against the Con-Dems and their cuts has only just begun. We hope to see you all at the Youth Fight for Jobs meetings around the country over the next few weeks and on the picket lines and demonstrations to support the strikes on 30 November.

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Jarrow Marchers Arrive in London!

After over 300 miles the Jarrow Marchers arrive in London!


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Jarrow end demonstration Saturday 5 November, 12 noon

The Jarrow marchers have been marching for 5 weeks against youth unemployment.

We want the government to

  • Create jobs
  • Bring back EMA & scrap uni fees
  • Save youth services
  • Scrap workfare
  • Build affordable housing
Welcome the marchers to London at the end of their 330 mile journey

Join the demonstration this Saturday!

Saturday 5 November, 12 noon @ Embankment, marching toTrafalgar Square

Speakers will include:

Matt Wrack FBU General Secretary
Bob Crow RMT General Secretary
Chris Baugh, PCS Assistant General Secretary

Paul Murphy MEP Socialist Party Ireland
Lizi Gray Great-grandaughter of 1936 marcher
Stephen Hepburn MP for Jarrow
US Occupy Wall Street Activist
Jarrow marchers
Day-Mer Youth
Socialist Party
Young Deacon performing his rap about the riots called ‘Failed by the System’
Ed Marsh NUS
London Slutwalk Activist
Maddy Carty performing her track ‘CONDEMn AGE’
Dennis Skinner MP for Bolsover
+ More!

Transport to the demonstration is available from every region. See for up to date details.

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Marcher’s Diary – Day 25

Coventry to Rugby

On our journey to Coventry we passed; two closed down Peugeot factories, a closed Marconi site and a closed GEC building. This is a huge amount of jobs lost to a small area, jobs which are badly needed. We also passed a local Tory council; chanting and singing “if you hate the torys” we definitely made our presence known. we had lunch at the Sheath and Sickle pub where we had a brilliant reception and there were journalists there to meet us. When we got Rugby we had a rally in the town centre hosted by the local anti cuts group, Rugby Against the Cuts. The speakers were fantastic; Martin Powell Davies – NUT, Peter – TUSC, Roy – Green Party, Lenny Shail – Socialist Party and Matt Whale and Alex Moore from the march. We then walked down to the Griffin pub where tea had been put on for us by the RMT. After discussion and drinks we went back to supporters houses to sleep. Thanks to Lorna for putting me up, had some great conversation. Also thanks to her son, Paul and her neices and nephews who drew the marchers some pictures of the march. Everyone loved them =]

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