To recreate the jarrow march will cost at least £26,000 – we need your help! Please raise the appeal letter at your union branch, anti-cuts group, student union, and there is a model motion here. You can either use our paypal account below, or make cheques payable to ‘Youth Fight for Jobs’ and send to PO BOX 858, London, E11 1YG.

10 responses to “Donate

  1. John

    I am interested in supporting your cause and joining the march.
    I think its great what you are doing.
    But I am really wondering why you need £20,000 pounds to hold it.
    This is a large sum. What is it for?
    I ask, because the original Jarrow marchers had a lot less to make their point.

  2. Thanks John! The biggest expenses will be any accommodation costs that we have, although in many areas we are hoping to have supporters put us up. Also transport will be a big cost, we will have to hire a minibus for the march to carry bags etc, and with petrol that could be a big expense. Its also true that for young unemployed people marching with us, we will have to provide bus/train fares for them to be able to sign on. Then theres food, any emergency costs etc, for up to 50 people at a time, and it all starts to add up…
    We also want to ensure that we get the message out – that we don’t want to return to the 1930s, with no jobs, services or future for young people. To do that we will be organising public meetings, producing material and holding rallies and more, all of which will also add to the cost, but will make the march worthwhile.

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  6. Good luck for the March, you are an example to us all.
    All the Best

  7. Walton Andrew

    The Jarrow marchers in 1936 did much the same, with meetings and rallies in towns they passed through. They raised £1,000 (about £50,000 in today’s money) from the trade union movement and in other donations. Some were also scandalously docked dole money as they were deemed to be not available for work; the same problem with signing on existed then as well.,6051,127027,00.html

  8. Sue

    Best wishes, Admire your spirit

  9. Jimmy Connell

    Keep right on to the end of the road – your inspiring people all over the uk with your efforts – regards – jimmy

  10. Chrissy Kelly

    i would like to support these great young people. i live in muswell hill N10, so near Barnet and Haringey. i could offer a meal, shower and a meal to 4 marchers. May be able to get more friends to offer too.

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