Events on Week 1 of #jarrowmarch11

Saturday 1 October

12 noon – Demonstration through Jarrow, assembling Jarrow Park- all welcome

Marching between Jarrow and Birtley

6pm – rally in Birtley with AEI factory workers in dispute

7pm – gig at the Three Tuns Pub in Gateshead

Sunday 2 October

Marching between Birtley and Durham

10am – breakfast with AEI factory workers

Evening – social event at county hall- more details tbc

Monday 3 October

Marching between Durham and Newton Aycliffe

Tuesday 4 October

Marching between Newton Aycliffe and Darlington

Rally, details tbc

Wednesday 5 October

Marching between Darlington and Northallerton

5pm, reception with RPA

Thursday 6 October

Marching between Northallerton and Harrogate

12:30 reception with Ripon Diocese

5:30pm rally at the war memorial, by Bettys Tearoom, with Harrogate Action

Friday 7 October

Marching between Harrogate to Leeds

4:30pm rally at Leeds Trinity

5pm Meeting at Leeds University with a guest marcher speaking

8pm reception at the Wellington Pub,Leeds

events on week 2 of #jarrowmarch11

Saturday 8 October

Demonstration through Leeds City Centre

Assemble 12 noon at Leeds University Parkinson steps

6pm Yorkshire PCS Young Members Network social at the Fenton, Woodhouse Lane

Youth Fight for Jobs demonstration in Hull with Jarrow Marchers

Assemble 12 noon at the war memorial, opposite the train station

Monday 10 October

Marching between Leeds andWakefield

4pm Rally at the precinct by the cathedral

4:30pm meeting at the Wakefield Labour Club (also known as the Red Shed)

7:30pm gig at the Wakefield Labour Club (also known as the Red Shed)

Tuesday 11 October

Marching between Wakefield and Barnsley

5pm rally at Peel Square

Evening gig at the Pulse Bar,Wellington Street

Wednesday 12 October

Marching between Barnsley and Sheffield

4pm Protest at Job Centre

5pm rally at the Town Hall

7pm Sheffield Anti-CutsAlliance meeting with Jarrow marcher speaking, 7pm,Sheffield University

Thursday 13 October

Marching between Sheffield and Chesterfield

2:45 rally at Chesterfield Market Place

Evening social event at Chesterfield Labour club

7pm in Lincoln, Lincoln Trades Council meeting with Jarrow marcher speaking

Friday 14 October

Marching between Chesterfield and Nottingham

12:15 rally at Shirebrook Market Place

2:30 rally at Mansfield Market Place

Events on Week 3 of #jarrowmarch11

Saturday 15 October

Demonstration through Nottingham

Assemble 1pm at Forest Recreation Ground

Sunday 16 October

March between Nottingham and Loughborough

3:30pm rally at Loughborough Market Place

7:30pm meeting at the Old Packhorse, 4 Woodgate, Loughborough,LE11 2TY

Monday 17 October

Marching between Loughborough and Leicester

11:15 brief rally in Quorn

5:30pm demonstration, assembly AbbeyPark, St Margarets way

Tuesday 18 October

12 Noon rally at University of Leicester

Jarrow marchers also speaking at a meeting in Cardiff, details tbc

Wednesday 19 October

Marching between Leicester and Hinckley

12 noon Stoke demo, Stoke On Trent 6th Form, Leek road, 12noon

3:15pm rally at the borough, Hinckley

7:30pm Birmingham public meeting, Briar Rose Hotel, Bennets Hill

Thursday 20 October

Marching between Hinckley and Nuneaton

Rally at George Eliot statue when the march arrives

Fundraising social at the Railway Tavern

Stoke protests at 10am KUSU, Keele Uni, 11am Newcastle College, 1pm Stafford College

Friday 21 October

Marching between Nuneaton and Coventry

3pm March through Foleshill and Hillfields to Bull Yard in the city centre.

5pm Reception at Inspire, sponsored by the CWU

Events on week 4 of #jarrowmarch11

Saturday 22 October

Demonstration through Coventry, assemble 12 noon at Coventry Cathedral

Rally at Methodist Central Hall 2pm

8pm, gig at The Phoenix (also known as the Camberwell)

Sunday 23 October

Bristol gig 8pm

Grain Barge, Mardyke Wharf, Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4RU!/event.php?eid=176981545714427

Monday 24 October

Bristol public meeting, 7pm

City of Bristol College, College Green site, St George’s Road, Bristol, BS1 5UA!/event.php?eid=177105689035605

Tuesday 25 October

March between Coventry and Rugby

Rally when we arrive at Clock Tower at 3pm

Wednesday 26 October

March between Rugby and Daventry

Rally, details tbc

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition meeting in Rugby with Bob Crow, RMT, and Jarrow marcher

Thursday 27 October

March between Daventry and Northampton

2:45pm, rally outside All Saints Church

Friday 28 October

7:30pm, social at the Black Lion pub

Events on week 5 of #jarrowmarch11

Saturday 29 October

Demonstration, assemble Abington Street (outside BBC), 12noon

Sunday 30 October

Marching between Northampton and Milton Keynes- Details tbc

Monday 31 October

Marching between Milton Keynes and Luton- Details tbc

Tuesday 1 November

Marching between Luton and Hatfield- Details tbc

Wednesday 2 November

Marching between Hatfield and Barnet

Rally on arrival

Thursday 3 November

Social at the Bread and Roses pub, Clapham

Friday 4 November

3pm, March from College of North East London (CONEL), Tottenham to Iain Duncan Smiths surgery in Chingford. Reception by Waltham Forest Unison.

Saturday 5 November

National demonstration assembling at Temple Embankment, 12 noon, to Trafalgar Square

7 responses to “Events/Route

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  3. Jayne Linney

    In Leicester Market square there is a plaque commemorating the original march, how about meeting there during your visit to ‘relive’ the experience?

    If interested I’d be happy to promote this at my end.

    Let me know

    Good Luck and all best wishes

    Jayne, a now disabled and therefore former Youth & Community Worker

  4. Ian Campbell

    Suggest that when you are in the Milton Keynes area that you visit Lavendon and take a look at the plaque on the church wall, placed there during the PMFJ 1986 (by Bedford ASTMS) to commemorate the original Jarrow Crusade and the site of the famous photo which is reproduced on the plaque. Here we are again. As Marx might have said: ‘I told you so!’

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  7. Mr. Vivian D Hankey

    i am writing to you as i have tried to find a contact E-mail address under the contact menu item, but all that i could find was a box to enter a message in and boxes to put your name in, as you can see the message which i whish to send you i think would be to big for the room in the box provided so why can you not make things dead simple by providing an E-mail address that people can contact you by without first having to go to your website, in the past i was a member of the TWGU and even though i am retired i do not wish to just lay back and say to hell with the rest of you i am alright, i want to see this country great again so i have put this e-petition together in the hope that the government will see that having one standard basic wage for all except the young and the apprentices who have there own wage plan, is just to ridicules to be of any use it is doing no more than making employers think twice about providing work with training to those that do not come within the special wage bands ,and it is keeping a large part of the unemployed adult population out of work, so have a good look and think hard about supporting my e-petition.

    i enclose a copy of my e-petition which asks the government to seek to get an agreement which would enable employers to pay a lower basic wage when they first employ someone and provide training for them, especially the workers that do not come within any of the age groups that are subject to any of the special wage rates and are not in an apprenticeship, who if they were would get the appropriate hourly rate for the job, this way it would encourage employers to provide jobs with training thus enable workers to advance themselves in the work force by getting not only a job but training as well.

    i include the e-petition and the link to the e-petition page in the e-petition file below if your members were to sign my e-petition it may go some way to getting the government to alter the rules on basic pay thus encouraging more employers to offer more jobs with training to the unemployed so that they can get into work and get the training that they need to advance themselves.

    from Mr. Vivian D Hankey retired

    my e-petition is below e-petition
    Responsible department: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

    we the undersigned wish that that parliament seek to get an agreement that will allow employers to pay unskilled workers a lower basic wage while the employer is having to provide training at the start of a workers employment to bring the workers up to the required skill level for the job instead of having to pay the full national basic wage straight away thus making jobs and training more readily available to the unemployed .


    i include the link to the e-petition page as follows :

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